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Earn More Keep More is a weekly podcast created for business owners and executives who want to earn more for their business and keep more of what they earn. In each episode, we break down a problem, myth, or misunderstanding that business owners encounter on their journey to running a successful business. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve taken this journey ourselves many times. As business owners, we’ve learned a lot of what not to do, as well as the tactics and practices that can help business owners find shortcuts to growth and develop increased financial independence.


Dave McAndrews

is going to help you earn more. He is a serial entrepreneur and business owner, and has spent the last 15 years building and growing organizations and, specifically, solving problems in sales, marketing, and leadership.

Matt Love

is going to help you keep more. After learning everything he needed to be an architect, Matt realized that he actually wanted to become a financial architect. He has spent the last decade developing techniques and learning the secrets of the wealthy so he can share them with you.

Episode 13 - arm your champion to win more deals

The EMKM team discusses providing the right people with the right tools to win more business. 

Episode 14 - the history you didn’t know about taxes

A deep dive into the history of American income taxes and how they affect you today.

episode 15 - Achieve Success by Expanding Into New Markets

We dig into the strategies necessary for successful entry into new markets to increase your business.

episode 16 -Boost Business By Creating Value In Your Marketing

We discuss how providing value in your messaging can boost the effectiveness of your marketing.


episode 17 - How To Have Financial Hindsight Without The Painful Lessons

We discuss how to get hindsight on your financial planning without experiencing the painful lessons

episode 18 - How Going Into Life With The Right Intention Can Improve Your Business

We discuss passion, life, and intention, and how using intention can vastly improve your business

episode 19 - Understand Your 'Why" and It Will Drastically Improve Your Business and Your Life 

We discuss how understanding your Why, your passions, and your drives can improve both your business and your life

episode 20 - Be Smart With Your Money by Buying Used and Selling Your Stuff

We talk to Thomas Blaine from Garden City Pawn about the benefits of buying and selling in the used market


episode 21 - Adopt a "People Matter" Mindset To Increase Happiness and Effectiveness

Josh Block of Block Imaging talks to us about the "People Matter" mindset and how this approach has evolved his business perspective

episode 22 - How to Keep Your Money Liquid and Pay Fewer Taxes

Bryan Bloom, CPA talks with us about his books and the truth behind taxes, and the ones you don't have to pay.

Best of: emkm season 1

We have collected some of the best clips from Season 1 E1-E22 and compiled them into a single episode, to remind you of things you may have missed. If any of these clips are interesting to you please watch the respective full episode! Thank you.


“Our Job is to give you tips, tricks and strategies that will help you earn more and keep more so you can LIVE more.”

Dave McAndrews  |  Co-Host


Our Story is all about you

This podcast was designed with the entrepreneurial sprit in mind. We know that people have amazing abilities. But we have not met anybody who has ALL of the abilities that you need to run a growing and thriving company. We put this show together to focus on Marketing, Sales, Efficiency, Leadership, and the Protection of Wealth. If you have all of those things figured out… The world is yours. If you are like us and are striving everyday to learn a little more about every one of these areas and a hundred others, we want you to join us. Because, together, we can start to figure it out!


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The Myth of the Wise Old Man

When you’re younger you go through the world believing that there is a wise old man out there who has all the answers. We have in our mind’s eye a picture of the Buddhist priest on top of the mountain who has the long white beard that flows through the wind and there’s this notion that all you need to do is go find this person and he will answer all your questions about life. We have realized that there is no man on a mountain with all the secrets to life and success; there’s only us and our job is to figure it out as we go.

This podcast isn’t about giving you a quick fix, it’s about helping you move forward in a positive direction and learning from other people’s successes, mistakes, and experiences. On this podcast, we will give you good info, but we are not the definitive answer (and please do not refer to us as wise old men) though Dave does have an impressive dome and Matt has some beautiful silver locks. What we want to do is give you the information and guidance that will allow you to take that next step on your journey to growth and financial independence. We are here to guide some important steps. The rest is up to you.